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Dagree's of Weapon Contact:

When we guage the weapon type at IRON LIEGE it is by the discription below!

Light Contact Weapons:
Light contact means any kind of combat that is mock or pretend meaning when a player makes a hit it is almost acted out like a tap or touch, not a hit!

Medium Contact weapons:
Medium contact means where one uses medium force with actual speed to block strikes and parry other weapons. Also when an attacker strikes an opponent they are fully aware of there own strength pulling blows accordingly but striking with enough force that there aponent can acknowledge a hit in a heated combat situatuion against many opponents.
KnightsRealm,Nero,Iron Liege,Albion, Adventures unlimited

Heavy Contact weapons:
This style of weapon is full on contact at a fast combat speed! Using force and strength in this style of combat to land "substantial" hits.
Dagorhir, amptgard, belagarth, SCA

Personal Damage:
IRON LIEGE does not accept any liabilty for the use of its products after purchase.

Images warning
All submitted designs that are not design insured and then constructed by ironliege become the sole property of Iron Liege that can and will be resold from the site if seen fit as a worthy product!

All images on the ironliege web site are the sole property of IRON LIEGE gamining equipment and are not to be used in other peoples weapons, games, Artwork or projects that are to be sold individualy or as part of any package unless otherwise you have recieved writen promision from the owner of the IRON LIEGE!!!

Copy Write Infringments
I will not! make any equipment that is copy written or trademarked! I will make something as close to it as is possible. By law Im required to make at least 30% worth of changes to these designs.

Most times I can get the basic look of the weapon and its shape no problem.

Design Insurance
I will not design insure any equipment that is designed from copywritten, Signatured, Well know stuff! Such as from a movie or game or any mix of my own equipment from my site! The design must be original by or from you or your artist!
Any equipment made from a game, movie or shop must have proff of there wright to do so, from there owner usually a writen letter on there bussines stationary with contact information!

Broken Core:
The core materials I use are very durable for the type of gameplay I make them for! If They are used outside there contact range or undergo accidental abuse or abusive play or a delibarate attempt to break them, then they may be damaged. In knowing this all weapons you break will cost half price of the original for the first replacement(if within the reasonable grace period). Every replacement after will be at the price of a new weapon This is for 60 day or your first eventFrom date of purchase! Remember once you receive your product it becomes YOUR responsibility to care for and maintain!

Surface Damage & Blade replacement:
I do not warrenty any normal wear and tear when fighting with these weapons dents, nick, dings, tears, wrinkles, dirt, makeup, vats of acid, explosions, fire! The more abusive treatment will hasten the effects of wear! If you treat it properly and dont sleep with it under your pillow every night it should last a good long while. Now if you wear out the blade of your weapon, rip the coating/cover, wear out the tip, or the foam breaks down and is to soft I wil replace the entire striking end of your equipment for a price:

I will not replace the guards at this price! Its better you just get a new weapon if you have thrashed the guard as well!

Shipping Damage:
We all know that Most major shipping companies have little disreguard for what is in your package and once it is in there hands there is nothing I can do about this! (exept collect the insurance and build you a new one!). when I ship your packages to you I take out insurance equal to or above the Value of the weapon(s). This insurance is there to pay for a new weapon if it is damaged beyond repair in transit! If this unfortunate event happens I will make a claim to get the money to replace your weapon(if I can make that claim). I can and will not replace it for free its the shipping companies responsibility to replace it even though they will try not to! I will fight very hard to make them!
"Warning" If you wish to send a call ticket or use your own shipping number you are responsable for the insurance and making the claim for your items! In this case it is also your responsibility to pay me for the new item! The one who pays to ship is responsable for the claim! NOT ME!

All items are packaged as shown in this link if they are not they have been opened or tamperd with!

Refund or Returns
Cash Refunds are allowed if you notify us within 5 business days after receipt of your order. Your Pay Pal account will be credited back. After the five days most likely your materials have been cut and is considered started and is no longer refundable! Any finished item received may be returned assuming they are returned in the same condition as they were shipped for instore credit. All returns of this kind are subject to a restocking fee of up to 10%. Products that are returned due to a mistake or mix-up on our part are not subject to restocking.

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