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Hail Adventurer!
Welcome to the custom quote section. All custom weapons are as follows:

$100.00 custom fee for your design + the price of the weapon!!
$125.00 if I sketch it out for you + the price of the weapon!!
I use the custom calculator to do my quotes, if you would like to try and estimate it yourself to get an idea of what your weapons worth, try the link above.

Please understand the prices listed in the calculator are correct, but due to the fact I cant Code the calculator is broken I leave it up so you can estimate your price if you would like to try.

If you only have a couple of questions please feel free to e-mail me at: tharonal (at) ironliege (dot) com

But If you are serious and would like a quote for a fine custom piece, I would like to let you know how much it will cost? But this takes time so I am charging a NoN-Refundable Consultation Fee of 5.00! This fee will be subtracted from the price of your weapon(s) should you go ahead with the commission or order!

I will do up to 5 quotes per order for this fee. I will work with you until we get it hammered out. So please have your basic information you want figured out before contacting me. Here is a list of things to have ready for each weapon. If it is only one weapon you may place the info into the comment line. I will email you within a day or two and we will finish up the quote.

  1. a picture or drawing in a jpg. or bmp. format:
  2. Overall Weapon Size tip to pommel:
  3. Handle Size {Grip Area):
  4. Weapon Style Hybrid or Non-Latex:
  5. Balanced?:
  6. Lunge tip(hybrid only) or no:
  7. Description:Colors,details,etc...
  8. Your larp you play in:

I Will not do Copywrote material unless we are changing most of the design, so it is not exact and it becomes a new piece of art!
Please be sure that your email address is accurate for paypal! If not please add the one you want me to use in the note or subject to seller box or I will have no way of contacting you! I will have to refund your money till you recontact me.

Custom Quote Fee

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