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Welcome to Theronal's Blacksmith Calculator

Please understand the prices listed in this calculator are correct, but due to the fact I cant Code the calculator is broken till I get someone to fix it! I leave it up so that you can estimate your price if you would like to try. if you do please Email me with your list of options and prices DO NOT USE send at the end of this page!

It will help you pick and choose the right options for the Custom weapon you would like me to build. It will give you a real time total of the options you select for your weapon.
The reason for this breakdown of the weapons is that sometimes people don't want all the options that I've been including, and not having to do the extra work when someone doesn't want it could save me time on other constructions and you money.

You may use this form to completely customize your Weapon. Please take a moment and read over each category description to explain what the option is for. Once you have read it over, please make one selection from each catagory if needed. Then submit the form to me. I will send you a calculated total of your weapon with the options you have selected. Once you have confirmed your choice I will invoice you for your custom weapon.

Note! when making a selection from a drop down list please Click on the selection in the list do not use your mouse wheell!
Also Pop up blockers may hinder the calculator!

"Custom Weapon Submissions are now Open!!

so please feel free to play with the calculator and submit your custom design's

Just as a note if you play with the calculator alot before submitting it can make mistakes! so try shuting down the browser once you decide what you want and make fresh selections without changes and it should give you an acurate price.

Custom Weapon Submision:

If you are looking to submit a Custom Weapon you will need to E-mail me a drawing, picture or sketch. Please be sure to include your email below that I will be recieving your sketch from! You may also add your phone number just in case the design is possibly more complex than it seems. This way I can talk with you about the customization. All custom weapons have a setup fee of 100.00 this is due to the extra amount of work it takes to create a weapon from scratch! If i half to do the art work it will be an additional 125.00 added to custom price!

I wish to submit a Custom Design Weapon request!-$100.00
I wish to submit a Custom Design Weapon request & Have IRON LIEGE Draw up your design - $125.00

My Attachment e mail:

Smith Theronal If you have any further questions you may contact me?
My Phone Number is:

Overall Sword Length

This is the price and overall size of the weapon you are choosing, at its standard creation with no extra options.

Size And Price:

Core Type

Here is where you choose the core or skeleton of your weapon. The standard core used is normally fiberglass tube or rod. You have the choice of tube rod or ultra light carbon fiber in this form.

Core Discriptions:

CoreTypes.gif - 10078 Bytes

FGTube:(48"at lb 0.6) it has a 1/8" wall and is a little more ridgid than rod it is very strong.

FGRod:(48"at lb0.7) this material is solid all the way through and has a little more flex than tube. Everything over 55" automatically gets 5/8 solid rod i have no tube in this size.
Heavy duty Fiberglass:Very strong This fiberglass is more dense and has many more fibers in it than my normal Glass but weights considerably more than the normal stuff i use thiese pieces in swords 41 to 55 if requested. 48" x 1/2 "at lb. 0.10 i will use it in weapons up to 55". Also 60" x 11/16" = 1.7 lb.for very large great swords or dagorhir style long and great sword blades.

FiberGlass-Filament Wound Epoxy Tube is not standard if you would like this Kite spar tube please specify! it is an additional price of 7.50 for weapons over 40" only this item is not used in swords under 40".

Blade Type

This is the style of blade that you want Cloth Covered or the latex style coating!

Hybrid Blade Style (Cloth)

This type has a cloth covering and can be built with or without a lunge tip. This is up to you and your game. All weapons are sold with the standard lightweight black or grey cloth at no additional cost! You may also choose different colors and a more heavy duty fabric as well at an additional cost. Please select below.
If you do not wish a Hybrid Cloth Cover then select a Non Latex coated color for your blade below.

Hybridsword.gif - 4502 Bytes

Lunge tips are used in some games for mock stabbing or tap tagging. Some games use them some do not. Please choose one below.
NoLunge - Standard -$0
Lunge TIP - $12.00

Non Latex Style (Rubberized Coating)

This style is like most latex style weapons. You have the choice of Silver, Dark silver or Black Metal as a standard blade coloring. This weapon can not have a lunge tip!
NonLatexSword.gif - 15756 Bytes

Standard - $0 Non Lungable

Handle length

Standard to weapon type: This handle length is calculated from the standard weapon type listed above. This is determind by the construction of that weapon due to the patterns I have on file for each weapon. When you choose another handle style for a standard weapon I have to recalculate the weapon's blade to handle ratio and alter the weapon's construction and I will charge you accordingly!
Custom design: Please select this option only If you are submitting a custom design. Usually the handle size will be determind by the size of your design specs if it is a new design and should add no extra cost. If you want a standard weapon and you do not want its handle changed choose standard to weapon type. and it will be constructed normally.
HandChart.gif - 41208 Bytes
Standard to weapon type - $0
Custom submition - $0
Single Grip - $0.50
Hand & a Half - $0.75
Two hands - $1.00
2.5 hands (10")- $3.00
3 hands(12") - $5.00

Handle Style

We have four handle styles to choose from.

1.Round rope handle this is the standard style at no extra cost!
2.Piped handle is an oval 9/16 thick handle has a non latex coating in your choice of color.
3.Oval Hard this handle is for some one who needs a firm grip with added precision. This handle is used most exclusively on the katana as well.
4.Oval Padded has soft sides with a hard nuckle locking grip to keep you on target with comfort.

Handletype.gif - 20538 Bytes

Please choose only one handle style and color!
rope handles.gif - 10448 Bytespiped handle.gif - 9752 Bytes
No handle type selected
Round Rope - Standard -$0
Rope Handle W/ Weight -$1.00 (Not Actual balancing!)
Piped handle - 5.00
Piped handle + Balance - 7.00

leatherclopthpic.gif - 15570 Bytes
Oval Hard - 5.00
Oval Hard + Balance - 7.00
Oval Padded - 5.00
Oval Padded + Balance - 7.00

asian Braids.gif - 8847 Bytes
Asian Braid:Comes in hard oval style and no pommel only!

Asian Braid - $13.00
Asian Braid + Balance - $15.00

Pommel Type

PummelStyles.gif - 38015 Bytes
Plain Pommel:
This is the standard hand carved with no special reinforcement. No waylay! Just a visual version of the pommel made for the standard sword picked.
Detailed Waylay:
This style is created by using a pommel that has a small amount of detail and or a unique shape and incorporating a waylay or foam tip for tapping.
Cylinder or Circle Waylay:
this style is either a simple circle or cylinder style pommel built with a waylay.
Custom2SidedSpecial-$45 (No waylay):
This style is for a a highly detailed carved pommel, wether it be a carved emblem or higly carved detail. It is assumed to be symmetrical on both sides. (unless you note otherwise)
This type is the same as above with the exception that I will construct it to have a waylay, either built into or as a part of the pommel with the attempt of keeping the detail.

Plain Pommel - Standard -$0 (No waylay)
Detailed Waylay - $5.00 (Foam Bottem)
Circle Waylay - $2.00 (Foam Bottem)
Cylindar Waylay - $2.00 (Foam Bottem)
Custom2SidedSpecial-$30 (No waylay)

Custom Hilt or Guard

Custom Basket Guard

The Custom Hilt or Guard section is for Custom Weapon submissions only! weapons from the Standard Web Site Weapon Type list at the top of the page already have these figures and totals added in when you select one of them.
When selecting a guard or basket there are three types of protection. Single, double, and triple basket. All styles are reinforced with nylon webbing for added strength! you should select one of these options if your custom design submission has one.
BasketStyle.gif - 21721 Bytes
No CustomBascket
Singl Bascket - $20.00
DoubleBasket - $40.00
TripleBasket -$55.00

Custom Cross Guard

Bellow are examples of cross guards and the examples of the amount of detail please
choose the one that is closest to your custom design.
CustomGuards.gif - 20829 Bytes

LOW:Low detail has very minimal features usually one maybe two colors very plain surfaces.
MED:This type has up to 2 in this description, hard chiseled lines, Plates, Rivits, extra facets multiple colors.
HIGH:This type has up to 3 or more in its description, chiseled cuts, rivets, carved objects, cut ribs or edge lines, multiple colors, extra facets

No custom Guard
Low detail 8" x 3"and under 8.00
Med detail 8" x 3"and under 16.00
Hi detail 8" x 3"and under 24.00
Low detail 9" x 9"and up 15.00
Med detail 9" x 9"and under 30.00
Hi detail 9" x 9"and under 45.00
(Please note if I believe your design is more complicated than your selection i may have to adjust it accordingly!)


These are the nice little things to help accent or add to your equipment when customizing your weapon. Some of these are added to the total of the weapon list above already some are not.
Gems are a nice addition to any weapon. If you are adding them to a standard that does not have gems I will place them in the intersection of the cross guard to the best of my ability unless you ask for somthing different.( if your idea changes the standard guard shape there could be an additional charge)
(If you are selecting a Standard Web Site Weapon from the above list that have gems in there design already you do not need to select them here.)

GemsPic.gif - 13250 Bytes
No Baubles
2 Small gems price =1.00
4 Small gems price =2.00
2 medium gems = 2.10
4 medium gems = 4.20
2 large Gems = 6.00

Airbrush Detail
This feature is not added to the total of the Standard Web Site Weapon Type! If you would like one of these on your weapon you will have to select it here! bloodedgelin.gif - 16259 Bytes
No Air Brush.
air brushed blood grove 2 sides = 1.50
Accent blade edge 2 sides =1.50

Personal Symbols
This personal symbol is like your personal symbol or crest air brushed on your weapon's blade, shaft, guard etc.. This is not added in on the Standard Web Site Weapon Type. I have to cut a custom stencil for each of these designs and then paint it on this is the price for 2 symmetrical air brushed design's each additional will be $1.00 extra!
personalSym.gif - 7719 Bytes
NO Symbol
Personal symbol Min 2x2 =8.00
Personal symbol Med 3x3 =12.00
Personal symbol Lrg 4x4 =15.00

(If you are selecting a Standard Web Site Weapon from the above list that have runes in there design already you do not need to select them here!)
When you purchase runes for a custom weapon the price is considered that they are for both sides or used symmetricly on the weapon! I will asume that you want the runes on the blade unless you state otherwise in your custom weapon E-Mail.
First 4 runes are free! If you need additional add the amount below. Each additional rune will be .50 ea.

Enter what you want your runes to say here:

No Runes
Anglo-saxonAnglo runes.gif - 1127 Bytes
Cirth Cirth runes.gif - 228 Bytes
Tangwartangwarrunes.gif - 297 Bytes
MysticalMysticalRunes.gif - 541 Bytes
Your total is: