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DEC 15, 2017 See IRON LIEGE Re open again!

Hail everyone
I am Master foam smith Theronal Some of you may remember me! To some I may be wholly new. I want to let you know who I am and what Im about, and what I plan to do!! I was the original creator and primary builder and designer of the IRON LIEGE 8 years ago!
Unfortunatly, I had to let go of the IRON LIEGE due to some really crappy life stuff. Recently I have decided to once again bring you an amazing handmade product.

Who am I Exactly:
Just an old school special fx artist who really likes to create interesting things and I have a love of fantasy art, and l.a.r.p. Its players alow me to do this through their weapons and armor. During my time of gaming, way back there was no one to really do this!Thats why I originaly started this, but Im Back now to help again enhance the game for others.

Custome weapon Philosophy
I used to make a lot of custom and very unique weaponry, I did so for many people, but doing customs Makes it extremely difficult to produce a mainstream product. Doing this as one person with virtually no help its pretty much impossible to have both. Let me tell you it is hard to find reliable help to create this stuff, as some individuals do not get my concept that Im not just trying to make a buck, but I am trying to create wonderful art so others can have fun as I enhance their characters and in the prosses Im trying to make a living and survive doing this. It's not something that makes one rich. Honestly who wouldn't like to do something they love and get paid to do it, And if I can make your experience more fun along the way then so be it! I just ask for some Patiance as I get this whole thing back up and running as I try to include customs and a main stream product ths time.

Custom Policy
At this time I am avalible for a limited no. of custom projects, first come first serve. Please contact me with your design ideas and I will give you a quote. For more information On how to do this?

Oversize shipping PLease Be aware! Any weapon over 47" X 8" will most likly incur extra cost(Usually Custom weapons) in shipping. Any extra charges along with normal shipping costs in this case will have to be paid by the customer!!! U.S. or overseas.

DEC 15, 2017 $75.00 Discount off the initial Custom Fee

Hail everyone
I normally Add a
$100.00 to $125.00 custom fee for weapons created to your design Idea. the initial charge is 100.00 for a custom plus the price of the final weapon quoteon the design. if I do your artwork also it is an additional 25.00 on top of the 100.00 plus the final price of the weapon quoted. so as a startup re oping bonus I am making this custom fee only 25.00 + the price of your weapons final quote! This is a great deal! Even if you need the artwork ill still only charge 25.00 not 50.00! I will only be giving this discount until midnight 01/15/2018. contact me at Theronal( at)Ironliege(dot)com