Care & Mantinance

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All equipment
1.This is a professional prop intended to be used by a professional LARP gamer who knows and understands the rules of combat in the game in which they play.
2.DO NOT! Leave in a hot car for a long period of time this could and probably will destroy the weapon.
3.DO NOT! Leave in direct sun light for long periods of time this can cause the weapon to break down faster.
4.DO NOT Bash Two weapons together like a mad man this will damage it!
5.Most standard Weapon constructions are intended for light to medium contact only unless the core is specified differently due to a custom order.
6.Do not Power block! Slam block! (forcibly block!) These techniques are intended for Heavy contact only.
7.These weapons do have a very durable fiber glass core of some size. But this does not make it indestructible.(Extremely hard hits or blocks could damage it!)
8.Never lay weighted objects on top of the blades, handle, or shield faces this will damage them!
9.Always stand a weapon on the pommel never on the tip!
10.Never hit in the head!
11.Do not hit someone with the non-blade edge of a single edge weapon!
12.Never hit someone intentionally with such force as to bruise them!
13.Never hit against trees, rocks or crappy platemail with sharp or pointy edges! Only soft people and other foam weapons! ;)
14.Do not stand on any weapon!
15.Use caution when fighting against a PVC & duct tape weapon as sometimes they are extremely hard and could snap your core if the opposing player hits way to hard or you force block a blow from one of these.
16.Use the handle as much as possible to protect the coating from wear!
17.Do Not parry using the shaft or flat of a blade with great force this can cause unwanted wear and eventually damage your weapon.

Axes,poles & hammer
1.Never do shield hooking, pulling with this pole it is a foam weapon and not intended for this type of use!
2.Never do shield hooking or pulling with axes or hammers!
3.Never trap other weapons intentionally with the hook of an axe, hammer, or pole!

Non -Latex Shield
1.Never lay weighted objects on top of the shield or this will damage it!
2.Always stand the shield on its end or hang it from the straps. Do not lay it on its front or back!
3.Never do shield hooking or pulling with your shield you may damage the straps or handle!
4.Do Not do shield bashing. It is only intended to take hits from foam weapons!

Care and cleaning
1.The cloth covers are coated with scotch guard to prevent from getting stains (no promises though) I recommend you add 1 coat before an event and let it completely dry before use. Always clean dirt and stains off if possible before spraying it!
2.The handle and blades rubberized coating can be washed with mild soap and water. Absolutely no thinner based products!
3.Technically this weapon is waterproof. Although you really don't want to get it wet, but if it does make sure to squeeze excess water from the tip(if it is hybrid). When no more water comes off, dry the blade with a hair dryer this will help prevent mildew. Do not over heat! This could damage it! Only use the hair dryer in short 30 second intervals with 10 second breaks till dry.

Just cuz it looks great does not mean that it will last as if it were made of steel. It is made of foam and has a carbon or fiber glass core and they are more than durable enough for light to medium contact. In some cases heavy contact (depending on its construction).
They are not intended to be abused by hitting as hard as you can! If you do you will probably break it!!! So you should pull your blows on strikes and blocks as much as possible! IRON LIEGE does not warrant any core in these weapons due to the use and nature of this product and I will not replace it for free! So take care of your investment.
There is no guarantee on the core do to the nature of the use and different fighting temperments varying from person to person! If you take care of it and pull your blows it will last a long time.

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