Hybrid weapons

are made to look just like a latex style weapon but using a durable cloth cover instead of latex there are many benifits, it does not create a horrible slaping sound like latex does when striking an opponet. small tears are easly fixed by sewing it they do not get as hard in colder climates like latex. and is easily warmed if necessary. this style of weapon is also more widley used do to the fact that it can be used in games that use both weapon styles, some games strickly do no use latex weapons but do allow Iron Liege.

Non-Latex Weapons

are made in the same style as the old europien style swords and I cover the blades with a specially formulated Rubberized style coating. This coating is more durable than latex and is harder to damage by nicks and cuts but gives a much more realistic look than latex ever has! also with there being no latex in the mix all those people who have alergys to latex have nothing to fear from this equipment exept the blow ther going to get! The non latex versions still have the same cold problems as other latex unfortunately but if your blade is really worked in its much faster to get warm near the fire or under your arm and cloak!