When entering the smith shop you will have four choices to pick from! Larp Combat ,Custom Weapons ,Heavy Combat & Extras

larpcombat.gif - 11968 Bytes is setup to have 5 options each is catagorized by a relitive class or profession that most games use when you create a character. Your character will usually lean toward one or more of these types of Profession's.we are doing this to give your buying experience more of a ingame feel just for the sake of fun and the reason we play larp! these items are geared toward the types of professions and seperated by there look and feel. But you may mix and match any of the catagories to deck out your character please enjoy.

the 5 professions are discribed below.
fight.gif - 6038 BytesThe equipment will be relative to the fighting type characters fighters knights paklidins Barbarians ETC...

craft.gif - 5632 Bytes These items will be geared toward the rouges thiefs bards and crafter classes.

ethrl.gif - 5541 Bytes this is healers clerics & druid types.

myst.gif - 5599 Bytes this section incompaces mage wizards necros and caster types of all kinds.

monst.gif - 6270 Bytes this catagory is set aside for character players and possible npc's who like to play monsters changlings or just out of the ordinary player creature races.

custom weap.gif - 12169 Bytes This section is for those of you who would like to have a hand made custom piece you can use the custom calculator or just send in your desighn and ill will give you a quote after i see your desighn the instructions of what is needed is in that section.

heavyCombat.gif - 12033 Bytes This section is new we have come out with a new style of heavy combat weaponry geared strictly toward Heavy combat Gamming for groups like Dagorhir, amptguard belagarth, and even sca still pending approval on sca but we will let you know as soon as we here from there corprate office. you just pick from the list of weapon types simalar to the larp combat.

extras.gif - 11761 Bytes This section will be for any thing else clothing frogs props etc..

The controll wheel you will see this in each area and these are your links for moving around in the smith area the diagram shows what each thing dose this allows you to move around in the smith shop very quickly !SectionLinks.gif - 19336 Bytes