Approved Games Using IRON LIEGE Equipment

Bloodlines of Mytherium LARP So-Cal Chapter.
-Approved: Hybrid and non-latex.

Dystopia rising LARP So-Cal Chapter.
-Approved: Hybrid and non-latex.

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-Approved: Hybrid and non-latex.

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Knight Realms LARP
-Approved: Hybrid and non-latex.

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-Approved: Hybrid only!

A List Of Heavy contact Games and reinactment

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The Society for Creative Anachronism

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Dagorhir Battle Games

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Amptgard Battle Games

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Darkon War Gaming Club.

Other great links for fantasy gaming

Bringing all L.A.R.P.'S together to increase everyones gaming experiance!

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LARPLand (LARP directory)

IRON LIEGE Approved merchants

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Primal visions design studios

Great music for the mood to be found On line!

Visit Radio Rivendell

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Celtic Radio

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